Thank You and Goodbye (hopefully for now) [Written in September 2019]

Updated: Mar 2

I should be releasing this about... One day after I released my last article.

This is not going to be shared on any Finance site. It is not a Finance topic.

It is for you, not the general public - if you are seeing this.

I’ve changed a lot this year.

Despite having so much more stress on me last year, I think I was actually happier last year.

I think that I’ve grossly underestimated the power of human relationships.

I don’t think my views have changed on Finance. Not really. I wouldn’t be very good or consistent if they did.

A meeting this Friday and the end of the month will be fairly instrumental in deciding if I can and should continue Money Maverick or not.

Frankly, I could be occupied all year next year with various projects. As far as I can tell so far, I could be:

- in Malaysia

- in Australia

- developing a serious AUM business

- developing a secondary specialty for candidates and a business partner

- writing a book

- in Thailand a bunch

- focusing on becoming a Manager

- maybe even with another company.

And I’ll be honest – its existence has made things difficult for my supervisors.

Even if I continue writing – which I really haven’t decided

- It would be more compliant, so not a lot of my voice would be there

- It would involve other people, so I could scale and devote energy to helping the clients that come from there while most of blog-related things were handled by others.

While this obviously helps clients… I will miss it a lot.

So I really don’t know. I’m not just screwing around – I might really not be writing anymore. I just don't have enough incentive and time because of recent events, despite my love for writing and a little love for controversy.

It can't be controversial if another side of an argument wasn't possible - so you go think about that, eh?

I might make it more private – subscribers primarily, friend list, clients – or something like that, and keep writing because I enjoy it. But I’m not sure how worthwhile that would be realistically.

I’m just going to assume this could be the end, and I don’t want this to end with any regrets.

This might come across pretty dramatic for a guy who may not even shut down his blog (and what used to be his primary source of income for the last year) but it will not be the same again.

At the very least, it symbolizes the death of a lot.

The death of the younger me, who had much more unfiltered passion. The death of someone who wasn’t as good at his job as he is now. The death of many wrong things that need to be corrected.

Change is necessary, but it’s been really painful for me to accept.

My Thanks

To My Colleagues, Manager and Director – which shall remain unnamed in the event some clown decides to try to use it against me – thank you for the knowledge and inspiration.

You were not directly involved with this at all and I will sue anyone who suggests otherwise. I deeply regret if any trouble was caused to you through my words and actions.

To My Clients – you are the reason I exist. You really are. Anyone can say any good thing about me and not place their money with me, but I’ve always loved how most of our relationship starts off with significant doubt.

Having won you over is the greatest joy and privilege in my life – to have people who believe in me and strive towards goals that I can help you achieve. I am thankful everyday, and I never, EVER forget the weight of that responsibility and the coin which you hand over to me.

Without you, there is no business. Without you, there are no articles. Without you, I have no reputation, no respect, no achievements and no life. Without you – I am just a guy with an opinion, and not even a popular one.

I owe you all so much.

To My Readers And Subscribers – this is not the end for me, or your viewership. I will be involved in further projects which I will update eventually, though it may take some time. I am also working on another ebook.

In the meantime, I would love to meet you. I would honestly love nothing more than to meet you. Expect to be simultaneously disappointed and pleasantly surprised at the same time, I have that effect on people. I can only assume you read my work because you like my thoughts – why not put those into action? I am ready anytime to address your doubts.

It would be a mistake to assume that any other agent you meet would be as useful to you as I am. Hehe.

To the Money Maverick Team – Sam and Vinod – I really wish I’d not been so poor so I could have paid you guys more. I really wish I’d taken some group pictures. I wish I had told you guys how much I appreciate you more. I am always thankful that we did this. Additionally to Brice, for your work on the site and I hope it will be put to good use.

To Seedly – Kenneth Lou, Cherie, Ming Feng in particular – I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of being part of your community, and the challenges you’ve posed. I’ve never taken it too personally, despite my fondness for sarcasm and snideness.

There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of our differences you’ve created a wonderful thing here, which I will always appreciate, and be jealous of.

To Zhi Rong and Xiaohui, who actually made me think ‘Wow, I could do this’. Especially when I was first asked to write, and comment.

To Various Financial Bloggers:

1) Christopher Ng, Tree of Prosperity —  For being a great frenemy, inspiring me to be much better than I was planning to be or thought I could be. For smacking me around unequivocally and keeping me humble, and with conscience. Someday, I would like to write exactly like you — not bound by anything but by knowledge, goodwill and misunderstood sense of humor.

2) Kyith, InvestmentMoats — For being the craziest Financial Blogger in the world, who showed me what it’s like to truly love Finance and Writing.

3) Path-Fire Lion — For teaching me maturity and compromise as a professional and a writer. You need to write more, man.

4) Financial Horse — For existing as a superhuman. Seriously Kevin, Law is completely wasted on you. Join the Finance line. You may not like me and you’re still not part of the Financial Industry, but can’t we both agree on that? Unless you’re a better lawyer than you are at this, which I seriously…Don’t you sleep?

5) Dr Wealth — For letting me be a closet fan and teaching me many things through posts and books — especially Alvin Chow and Irving Soh.

6) DollarsandSense — For introducing me to the world of Finance when they were a small business while I was just a young man in NS reading articles on Facebook in my free time.

Especially Timothy and his wife — you deserve all the success in the world.

BIGS World Community — For showing me what an amazing level people who mostly aren’t part of the Financial Industry can hit when they are genuinely and sincerely passionate about achieving Financial Goals.

Providend and MoneyOwl — For their kindness and unselfish sharing, for teaching me through experience and humility and success. The Finishing Well circle is very hard for me, Chris. I am trying.

IPFAS — For the opportunities they’ve given me and ideas they’ve shared and the support they’ve shown. In particular, Ashvin — bro, you are very cool. Keep doing what you’re doing.

My opponents — For making sure that I am accountable, for inspiring change in me. My determination to smack you guys around has undoubtedly made me a much better consultant.

FAs and ex-FAs from other companies who have more than gained my respect and trust — Tat Tian, Hariz, Yang Zhi, Ray Seen, Raynard, William Seah, Marcus, Darren, Andre, Brendon, Siyin, Mikayla, Angelina, Celeste and Sharon — and hopefully anyone else who I haven’t missed out.

Thomas Saw, who is a total machine and don’t let anyone, including yourself, suggest you are too slow or too tired. You are an amazing human being and a hell of a teacher and trader.

To my family, who has been supportive of my online nonsense, who inspires me. My Dad, for giving me the mildest interest in science I could possibly have to like Critical Illnesses. My Mum, who is my rock at home. My sisters, who have always been supportive of me. My brother, who is everything I would like to be when I finally grow up.

Manow. I love you.

Lastly, to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through him all things are possible.

Thank you for providing for me.

Thank you all for being part of my journey.

Do pray for me that I will get a clear sign on what to do moving forward.

I would personally love to keep writing, if all possible, but that’s not always how life goes — so please do keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

As it stands, it is business as usual for me.

If you would have me, I would gladly meet you for a Financial Consultation… Or just to catch up as friends.

Money Maverick

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