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My Thoughts on Being a Business Leader and What It Could Look Like

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today's sermon message talked about the Future Generation. And after a bit of prayer, I think this is the direction God intended for me.

Maybe not so soon, but its time to start talking about it now, at least.

Perhaps an easier way to express this would be through a story, a manga that I like, called:

"I Was Kicked out of the Hero's Party Because I Wasn't A True Companion, so I Decided to Live a Slow Life at the Frontier."

The Story introduces a concept called Divine Roles (Protections), which have a huge bearing on your destiny and purpose in life.

The Main Character, Red (or Gideon) - has a Divine Role as a Guide. He starts out 30 Levels higher than everyone else.

It would be nice if I were this cool.

Due to his outstanding start, he is able to guide the True Hero and her companions into training until they develop into their own Divine Roles, and become massively overpowered from unlocking their true potential after gaining many levels.

Unfortunately, the Guide Divine Role is just that - a strong headstart in Level and Experience. He does not carry Unique or Divine Skills.

After babysitting the Hero Party for so long, he becomes the weakest one amongst them after years of carrying them. Once a protector, he is now potentially a burden and a liability in a battle.

As a result, he eventually is pushed to leave (by an antagonist in the party) and he retires for a slow life at the Frontier. Fortunately, he gets to develop a fairly good retirement there with his own humble house and the woman he loves.

I miss my girlfriend, as you can tell.

Coming back to real life - even though I didn't really have the privilege of a Level 30 headstart, I do acknowledge that my current role as Director of Sales (Finance) and my years of experience has made it easier for me to become a Guide.

And unfortunately, it is just that. I had no Sales or Financial background when I started. I failed the Personality test to become a Consultant. My entire business model is currently a niche one based off allowing me to embody my own personality, which limits my pool of clients.

I am grossly untalented for this line, with no unique or special point to be unlocked further. It is simply through experience, hard work and God's Grace.

My own dreams are not so big also. I want a substantial amount of money to comfortably semi-retire in Thailand. Enough money to spend more time with my new family, to afford regular trips back to see my old one - like my parents and siblings and niece.

No more new clients, just the ones who I have grown up with and helped for a good number of years or referrals.

But it may not be the same for you. It just might not.

You could have a range of skills that I don't possess. Higher levels of empathy. Better communications and language skills. A greater love for people. A higher dedication to work. Anything and everything that is uniquely you. You need a guide.

In business terms, someone who is willing to be a servant leader and lead by example.

Someone who has polished basics, high technical ability, experience with branding.

Someone who wants to make you into a real consultant, not a salesperson touting flashy cars or unnecessary fear.

Because you can.

I am seeing a generation of people - even ones older than me, who are in constant state of contract work and no promises they will work till their 50s, let alone 65. Yet they fight.

Seeing people who will give all their time and energy to support their families or spouses, leaving nothing for themselves. Yet they fight.

Who will surrender their mental and emotional energy and health in order to save a couple of dollars, so that their children can have a better life. Yet they fight.

I see a lot of Red (Gideon) in myself currently, because my own goals pale in comparison to the hopefuls that I would like to work with. And even some of the clients, who I am already working with.

I see a volume of love that I simply do not have or understand currently - because I don't have those commitments yet. I see people who have outworked me - ME, and I am impressed.

I see people who are clawing and fighting a system that doesn't reward them for their hard work, but they don't resign to it. Unlike me, who gave up towards the end of NS.

I see people who don't find a few mil (me) enough - it has to be so insane, so much more, to change their generation and all the future generations after them in a manner that I could only dream of.

Some people are just better than me, and that's okay. Some people want more out of life than me too, and they're willing to go further than I am. And that's okay.

Because different people would be contented from different things.

Perhaps that is your 'Divine Role' in life. Perhaps not.

But maybe - maybe you felt you are part of the Hero Party.

You were meant to be a protagonist, but you keep getting eaten by monsters at Level 1 and you can't grow into the Hero that you know yourself to be.

That may not be your fault.

You don't have my headstart.

You haven't had someone who could protect you and teach you until you fully unlocked your 'Divine Role', your potential.

Someone who is willing to let you outgrow them. No jealous bosses stealing your work, for example.

You don't need to make hundreds of millions of dollars. You don't need to dream bigger than me, even.

You just need to have a dream. You just need to have a heart for your loved ones, your future clients and a strong desire to move forward in the face of adversity. Really, really strong.

If you believe this is you, you are the next generation.

Money Maverick



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