4 CPFIS-OA Funds With 7% Historical Annualized Returns Or Higher

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A few days ago, I got a message from my client.

The client was curious as to his own investment returns, so he checked, sent me back a report and a thank you. I quickly went to examine the fund and was pleasantly surprised at his 40%+ return.

I have significantly lower expectations of CPF Investments compared to cash ones, because the CPF fund range is usually extremely limited.

The CPF fund performance across the year of investing.

This is not the top performing CPF fund I know or that investors have access to. Back in 2017, I was extremely reluctant to offer CPF Investment Funds to my investors.

After years in the industry, I know better.

At the time - and even today, the narrative to NOT do so was extremely persuasive online.

In particular, there would be somewhat misleading reports of poor returns for specific years - which, when context was considered - was actually far better than the narrative being pushed.

Context can really define if you're a genius or idiot investor, but to be fair to some of the context at the time - there were other obstacles preventing good returns.

Today, there are far less so.

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An Introduction To 4 Performing Funds

These funds have all had historical performance of 7% or higher, and they aren't even in the Top 6 list which I reserve exclusively for my clients.

As a result, I felt it would be good to give a preview on what kind of potential returns are available to consumers - at low fees - today!

All of these funds are available to invest using CPF-OA through a consultant like myself.