Money Maverick

Money Maverick is the alias of one Luke Ho, a licensed Financial Consultant since 2017. He is an Investment and Critical Illness Insurance Specialist.

Using expensive, high fee unit Trusts, he has outperformed the SNP500 every year from 2016. (see below)

Money Maverick was started in 2018 to address the many Financial Misconceptions put out by non-licensed Financial Bloggers giving ‘free’ and potentially detrimental advice.

Top 20 Investment Blogs, Singapore: Feedspot   [2018]
Top 20 Financial Blogs, Singapore: [2019, 2020]

Money Maverick has also been formally published three times on IFPAS [Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore]

Money Maverick also has prestigious international awards and membership that put him in the Top 3 to 6% of his profession globally:

Million Dollar Round Table (2020)

Court of the Table (2021)  [3x MDRT]

He manages 10 - 15 million in expected premiums* and Assets under Advisory in Cash, SRS and CPF monies.

In his free time, he laments about his long-distance relationship with his beloved Thai girlfriend, reads scandalous manga and boxes the air while listening to obnoxiously loud music.

Critical Illness Specialist

As an insurance agent, I specialize in Critical Illness (CI) insurance plans.


As the Singaporean lifespan grows, so do the chances of contracting an CI. This is where insurance comes into play. As illnesses like cancer increasingly rear their ugly heads, the CI claim rate will increase and so will the premiums.

You want to engage a specialist who can create a fine balance between necessary coverage and cost while having multiple offerings from different companies. Other articles will demonstrate my experience as a specialist, though I welcome you to test me in person. 


Buying an CI plan now means getting to enjoy more affordable premium rates.

Investment Specialist


My investment creed is about commitment and long investment time horizons. People who plan for the future make more money than those who plan for the now.


I specialize in asset allocation and diversification for all risk profiles. Like any competitive runner, any of them worth their salt can tell you their competitive track record, their best timings and the circumstances behind them. 

2017: - 32.7% [Single Class: 49.6%] [SNP500: 21.38%]

2018: -2.68% [Single Class: 6.12%] [SNP500: -4.38%]

2019: 41.4% [Single Class: 49.6%] [SNP500: 31.49%]

2020: 48.12% [Single Class: 131.86%] [SNP500: 16%]

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning long term. Commitment breeds wealth, and taking calculated risks creates returns. 

The articles on Investing give some insight to how I created my yields, but I'd love to speak to you in person if you believe that I am the right person to invest on your behalf. 


If you can and are willing to commit, you will come out on top.

Why I Love my Job


How many financial agents actually enjoy what they do? After all, they are the ones passers-by shun. However, I look at it in a different light. I get to work with people who are sincerely trying to improve their lives. I get to see how the world really works and how with the right financial decisions, even a pauper can become a prince.


Being a consultant allows me to keep a lot of positivity and growing strength in my life. That’s a good thing for me as well.


Some would say being poor and happy trumps being rich and miserable but in reality, poverty is the most powerful indicator of crime. This hard truth is not appreciated by most; many people either live in denial or they avoid agents like the plague. When things go south, they are the ones who have to live with it.


I am always going to be honest because the truth does not care about your feelings.


And if my bluntness can motivate you to invest in your future, that works out fine.​'

What're are you waiting for?


Drop me a message now. :)