Luke Ho – Man behind Money Maverick


As a student, I was hardly a great one. I got into trouble often and my grades were far from impressive. Although those days are now long in the past, I was certainly not what you would call ‘bright’.


Thankfully, what I was - and still am good at - is math. And since being good at math was not going to make me the next rock star, I decided that a career in money was the way to go. Steadily fuelling sleepless nights with Red Bulls, I developed my repertoire of strategies. 

Why I Love my Job


How many financial agents actually enjoy what they do? After all, they are the ones passers-by shun. However, I look at it in a different light. I get to work with people who are sincerely trying to improve their lives. I get to see how the world really works and how with the right financial decisions, even a pauper can become a prince.


Being a consultant allows me to keep a lot of positivity and growing strength in my life. That’s a good thing for me as well.


Some would say being poor and happy trumps being rich and miserable but in reality, poverty is the most powerful indicator of crime. This hard truth is not appreciated by most; many people either live in denial or they avoid agents like the plague. When things go south, they are the ones who have to live with it.


I am always going to be honest because the truth does not care about your feelings. And if my bluntness can motivate you to invest in your future, that works out fine.

Money Maverick


I set up this blog primarily to address financial misconceptions as well as to share what I know about money. One problem that people have with money is greed. A little greed can be good, but it can also lead to lies and fake news. When people believe the wrong ideas, they lose money.


Understanding money is understanding that it is not a separate entity from people. We invented money, and we quantify both it and people. In order to grow our wealth, we need to understand people so that we know where to put our trust (and cash).


As someone who does not follow the crowd, my advice could be vastly different from the majority’s. But does the majority make a lot of money? No. So don’t be a sheep. That’s why at the end of the day - I always mean to give you a chance to live a significantly better life, not just financially but personally.


Financial growth is about delayed gratification. Apply that to your financial life (which I will teach you how to), and I promise you a much more fulfilling life than if you had not tried.


Knowledge is power and power is essentially wealth.

And wealth, whether you like to admit it or not, is a better life.


If you heartily disagree with what I say, challenge me. Publicly or privately, but preferably privately. I always welcome a healthy argument. I want to know if you’re the kind of person I can help or someone with whom I can trade knowledge. It all starts by writing that email or shooting over a WhatsApp message.

As an Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, I specialize in Early Critical Illness (ECI) insurance plans. As the Singaporean lifespan grows, so do the chances of contracting an ECI. This is where insurance comes into play. As illnesses like cancer increasingly rear their ugly heads, the ECI claim rate will increase and so will the premiums.


Buying an ECI plan now means getting to enjoy more affordable premium rates.

As an Investor


My investment creed is about commitment and long investment time horizons. People who plan for the future make more money than those who plan for the now.


I specialize in asset allocation and diversification for all risk profiles. If you want my credentials, I’m proud to say that I personally beat the market in 2017 at 32.7% and 49.6% (net return for specific asset class). I’d be happy to share how I did it all while I convince you to let me manage your money of course.

Teaching you to be forward-looking and to make better decisions for your future is my goal. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning long term. Commitment breeds wealth.


If you can and are willing to commit, you will come out on top.

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