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About Us: Financial Potential with Money Maverick Official


Money Maverick was started in 2018 to address the many Financial Misconceptions put out by non-licensed Financial Bloggers giving ‘free’ and potentially detrimental advice.


Top 20 Investment Blogs, Singapore: Feedspot   [2018]
Top 20 Financial Blogs, Singapore: [2019, 2020]

Readers should read Money Maverick to:
a) To address financial misconceptions and explore different points of view on popular topics, which may lead to better financial perspectives

b) To learn about Financial Independence and Behavioural Finance Pitfalls

c) To understand various solutions available for their financial problems and potentially take action after assessing their strengths and weaknesses

Money Maverick would be happy to take any questions for readers who would like to learn more about the articles they have read, and will also take private emails for sensitive information. You can also contact Money Maverick for business enquiries, and we will try to get back to you within 5 working days.


About Money Maverick
Money Maverick Engraved Logo
Luke Ho- Owner of Money Maverick

About Luke Ho

Luke is the co-owner and Original Money Maverick (as of 5th September 2022). He is a Wealth Mentor who educates especially on Estate Planning and Investing. He has advised on over $21 million dollars of client assets.

Using expensive, high-fee unit Trusts, he has historically helped clients select funds that outperform the SNP500 every year from 2016 through a combination of filtering, valuation and timing. 

As a former consultant, Money Maverick also has prestigious international awards and membership that put him in the Top 3 to 6% of the Financial Planning Profession globally - such as Court of the Table, and Million Dollar Round Table. 

He has been a guest lecturer and writer to hundreds of practitioners in the industry from his work with the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore. (IFPAS)

His work has also been featured on Money FM, Financial Fitness Podcast (as hosted by Mediacorp), Financial Perspectives and much more. 

As the Managing Director of Money Maverick Academy, Luke currently trains consultants to significantly further enrich the lives of their clients through methodology and professionalism, while doubling their income and avoiding business pitfalls.

He also co-owns several businesses, and is the designated lecturer for Legacy Planning at Reubiks Academy.


Current Track Record [Luke Ho]​

2017: 41.2% [pro-rationed to annualized, investment starts in April  +32.7%) [Single Class: 49.6%] [SNP500: 21.38%]

2018: -1.38% [Single Class: 6.12%] [SNP500: -4.38%]

2019: 41.67% [Single Class: 49.6%] [SNP500: 31.49%]

2020: 80.21% [Single Class: 131.86%] [SNP500: 18.4%]

2021: 13.1% [Single Class: 24.81%] [SNP500: 31.67%]

2022: TBD

About Luke Ho
Seth Maverick

About Seth Maverick


Seth is a co-owner and writer of Money Maverick.

He is an entrepreneur and recent university graduate who has secured 5 streams of income so far and is look
ing to pursue at least 3 more by the end of 2022.

After learning from the original Money Maverick, Seth began to pursue Financial Freedom aggressively and successfully fully owns his own residential property at the age of 27, which he is renting out to pay for the mortgage.

He runs an e-commerce business on Amazon while working a full-time job, for some balancing the many other uncertainties in his pursuit of Financial Freedom.

He enjoys boxing and anime in his free time.

What are you waiting for?


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